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Exposing Mike Hinc

Landscape, Truth and Logic
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Introducing MIKE HINC

Eric and a lesson from history

Landscape, Truth and Logic


In its relentless denial of the possibility of the impossibility of being, Art has travelled through landscape (Gainsborough, Constable, Turner), past truth (Kant, Hegel and Derrida), stopping briefly to kick logic (Merleau - Ponty, Sartre and Heidegger) into touch. The death of art has been asserted every year since Hegel's famous announcement but somehow the bleeding corpse just won’t lie down and expire. What is it that unites landscape, truth and logic in art? Some abstruse highly abstracted mega level theorising? Hardly.


If there is some meaning that unties all three artists and their artworks it is that art is a language not spoken.  Art, if it is anything, is a language of visuality that speaks through the image. All three artists use images and the spaces between images to speak art. When we view the works we speak art, although we remain deaf and dumb to each other.


This exhibition is not about the meaning of beauty but about the language of art, its own beauty, its own take on reality, its own special code. Art as language does not represent the object but is the object - in this sense art is onomatopoeia.


Come to the circus and immerse yourself in the language of art, bring no preconceptions, no egos, and no intellect. Just bring your wonderment and enter a new language, or three.


Eric Longley


October 2007.

Landscape, truth and logic

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