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Exposing Mike Hinc

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Introducing MIKE HINC

The sordid details......
I have worked most of my life in theatre and the music industry with artists including Morrissey, The Smiths, The Sisters of Mercy, Nico, Primal Scream, The Birthday Party, Temple of Sound and Gaye Bykers On Acid. As such, I am not unfamiliar with the cult of celebrity and its commodification.

About the art......
As a painter, I work in diverse media - celebrating transience, inadequacy and the contradictions of a commodified world. My subject is the ambivalence of experience – terror and wonderment in a human heart. My aesthetic is that of the humble postcard. My work, scribbled messages both platitudinous and profound, snatched from the frontline of the prosaic – “Weather still changeable, wish you were here”. Irony is key in an oeuvre which explores the interface between raw, felt experience and a mediated world of shrink-wrapped ideas and bite-sized epistemologies. If collage is the lingua franca of post modernism, it is also my Franglais. In a world without answers, my work neither seeks completion nor finds resolution. This is a contemporary collage where you can still “see the joins” and it is essential that you do so. That is where the art is. You are invited into a landscape stolen from Heidegger’s “World As Exhibition” where juxtaposed images combine to form alluring, imaginary worlds, which you may enter at your peril.

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