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Exposing Mike Hinc

Different Planets - Collaborative work

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Introducing MIKE HINC
These paintings were made in collaboration with my friends and mentors John Little and Peer Towers and were exhibited at the Courtyard Arts Centre in Hertford and at The Place in Letchworth. This collaboration was a game we played. The rules were: without conferring with each other about style or iconography but in the knowledge that the other two would be working on the same canvas, we each started the same number of paintings. Then each artist then sent one half of the partly finished works to each of the other artists to be worked on; and these canvasses were then passed on to the remaining artist whose input was still missing. These were the results….....








splash for ignorance and submission

You sleep in the mountain I swim in the sea. Timor mortis peturbat me.

Splash your cash!