Exposing Mike Hinc

Strangeness in the Garden

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Introducing MIKE HINC


I started this series in 2004 and I’m still developing it. To date there are more than 40 images and more will follow. They take forever to make. I wanted an “open” narrative in each image, so that each viewer's imagination can find a meaning which is personal and unique.


These are seductive, inviting interior worlds that you can walk into and walk through. My gardens are all metaphor - cartoon humans romping through the idealized landscapes of a faerie tale world - a labyrinth that includes it's own exits. This is the commodification of the dream. The process by which dreaming becomes political. Bad acid. Aspen in aspic. Pure Switzerland. Snowglobes in Wonderland.  The horror! The horror! But oh! how heavenly........

French Text

Cool Pool



Real Field

Swan Too

On the bridge

Water Music

Red Sky At Night

On the beach

On the fiddle

They might be giants

On the edge

On the run

Uncool Pool

On the straight and narrow

On the patio

At the lakeside

On heat

On the road

On the road again

On the edge of the world

On water's edge

Men behaving badly

The lost hat

Lunch on the Lawn

Meat is murder


Onwards and upwards

No escape

Bad day in Bermuda

Bad moon rising

Scaring the birds

In the saddle

On the wild side

Don't look back

At the sunset

On sober reflection

A big surprise!

On  slippery slopes

People are weird


Just another few steps

Is it a plane?

Strange Days


In step

To cut a long story short

Ola Cola

Gone to the dogs

Never wear green!

Black dog in the garden

Making Magic

Rabbit requiem, autumn sonata

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You closed the door in my face, I opened the door in my face. A fish jumped out, quite bald.

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